Eating is essential. We have to do it multiple times a day to stay energized, to stay alive. In any case we all spend a certain amount of money and a certain amount of our precious time on it. Why not make it worth your while?

Eating is essential but food is so much more than just fuel. I’ll spare you the big speech because you seem to be getting hungry. You should probably eat something.

Feed the darkness - don't get hangry!!


A 20-something woman from Finland who has a tendency to make a mess in the kitchen.

I come from a family where a notably large part of the conversation revolves around food: a new thing to try out, our groceries (as silly as it sounds), what we’ve cooked lately, what we want to make the next time we get together.

For me, the best part of food is often sharing it. That's what this blog is for.

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