My amazing peanut butter dressing


I'm so excited to share this one!! This dressing is a secret weapon, a day-saver, and totally fool-proof! It fits perfectly with various veggies both fresh and cooked, as a dipping sauce, in a salad boat... I'd probably even put it in a burger. Actually, I think I have already.

All of the ingredients are something I almost always have in my kitchen. (It's okay if you don't, but I gotta tell you I love my life)

The amazing peanut butter dressing

(~1dl of dressing)

    •    0,5dl crunchy peanut butter
    •    2tbsp white wine or apple vinegar
    •    1-1,5tbsp maple syrup
    •    1 clove of garlic, crushed
    •    3tbsp lime juice
    •    Sriracha (to your taste)

Mix together the peanut butter, vinegar, lime juice, maple syrup, and garlic. Use a fork to whisk.
It will look suspicious at first (see below). Add Sriracha as much as you can handle.

But it comes together! Look:


Okay, super simple right? That's one of the reasons I so often make this. Another reason is that it has so much flavor, the actual food could probably be dry branches or something. Usually it's rice noodles with fried tofu and veggies of some sort.

Last weekend my sister was kind enough to do some sewing for me, so obviously I offered to come over and make lunch. (Also, she has a camera and I currently don't. Also, she has a lifestyle blog and a great taste. Also, she has all these nice things in her kitchen.)

And for lunch we had...

    •    rice noodles
    •    fried broccoli (with just a splash of soy sauce)
    •    fried tofu (Jalotofu’s marinated with sesame oil and a splash of soy sauce)
    •    avocado
    •    fresh cucumber
    •    ginger carrots (see below)
    •    toasted crushed peanuts (toast the peanuts on a hot, dry pan until they get some color, crush in a mortar or a food processor. Or with what ever you’ve got on hand, a hammer is fine)



Ginger carrots

    •    2 carrots
    •    2tsp grated ginger
    •    2tsp sushi vinegar (optional, but recommended)
    •    a pinch of salt

Peel and wash your carrots. Make thin slices of the carrot, using a peeler. Mix the carrot slices with grated ginger, vinegar, and salt. Let the carrots marinate if you can (the longer, the better), even half an hour makes a difference.


Hey look, it's a 'bowl'! You should probably pin it...

Kidding!! I love bowl food. Go make some.