"Salted Caramel" Pumpkin Pie


I keep saying "I never bake anything", yet... Here we are, again.

I'd been thinking about making a traditional carrot cake, switching the carrot to butternut squash. But then I also really wanted that soft, gooey pumpkin pie - so I decided I can have both.

This pie takes a bit of preparing, but it's actually quite simple to make. Unless you're as absent-minded as me, who had to go to the grocery store three times after forgetting "that one thing" over and over again. (The third time I went to my nearest market to get the pie tins, I had already started in the kitchen, and it was only when I got back home that I realised I had a notable amount of flour on my face.) 


"Salted Caramel" Pumpkin Pie

(2x ∅ 25cm pies)

The crust:

    •    1/3 of half a butternut squash, grated
    •    150g margarine
    •    4dl wheat flour
    •    1dl quick oats
    •    2dl brown sugar
    •    1,5dl crushed almonds (or pecans, or walnuts)
    •    2tbsp soy flour or potato flour mixed with 4tbsp water
    •    2tsp baking powder
    •    1tsp cinnamon powder

The filling:

    •    2/3 of half a butternut squash, cooked
    •    0,5dl brown sugar
    •    2dl coconut milk (the thick part in a can)
    •    5 medjool dates
    •    2tbsp potato flour
    •    1tbsp brown syrup (optional, for extra taste)

For garnish*:
    •    a couple of handfuls roasted and salted almonds, crushed
    •    maple syrup
    •    salt flakes / roughly ground sea salt

*You can roast the almonds yourself and add the appropriate amount of salt for your taste, leaving the salt flakes out. I bought a bag of roasted and salted almonds, but they were not salty enough.


To prepare the filling, you will need to cook the butternut squash soft. I did this by removing the hard skin and cutting the butternut squash into bite-size bits, cooking them in the oven in 200°C for about 40 minutes. After that you can simply blend all the ingredients together.

To make the crust: Melt the margarine. Mix the soy / potato flour with the water, and whisk together with the melted margarine and sugar.


Mix together the flour, baking powder, quick oats, and cinnamon. Add into the margarine-sugar liquid little by little. Mix in the crushed almonds and grated butternut squash. Note: almonds (or pecans, or walnuts) are quite easy to cut into a crush with a large kitchen knife.

Spread the dough on a pie tin (depending on your tin, you might want to wipe it with some margarine first), leaving the edges a bit higher, the cover with the filling, and bake in 175°C for 40-45 minutes.

Garnish with maple syrup, roasted almond crush, and salt flakes.


First snow came and went, and it really felt like November looking out into the freezing, rainy and grey day yesterday. So I baked a pie and invited a good friend over, couldn't imagine a better way spending it!