The "All Things Grated" Salad


After spending most of the day on the couch eating all things unhealthy, there was a craving for something fresh. You know, balance.

So here's what I threw together - and it was definitely worth sharing. For protein I marinated and fried some pulled oats, but fried tofu works just as well. 

Grated Salad

(serves 4)

·         1/3 cabbage

·         2 carrots

·         ½ zucchini

·         2 pieces of celery

·         a handful of broccoli

·         a handful of kale

·         ~5cm piece of ginger

·         1dl sesame seeds

The dressing:

·         1tbsp veggie oil

·         0,5dl apple vinegar

·         juice of 1,5 limes

·         2tsp dijon mustard

·         2tsp sugar

·         1tsp soy sauce

·         ~10cm piece of lemongrass

·         1 chili



Grate all the veggies and mix together in a large bowl. To make the dressing, cut the lemongrass and chili into thin slices, then mix everything together. Now mix the dressing with the grated veggies and let the flavors soak in for a moment or two. Meantime, toast the sesame seeds on a hot, dry pan, and mix the seeds into the salad as well.


Marinade for pulled oats or tofu

·         1tbsp sesame oil

·         1tbsp soy sauce

·         1tbsp tamarind (or lime juice)

·         1tbsp brown sugar

·         1cm piece of lemongrass

·         1 clove of garlic


Crush and mince the garlic, and cut the lemongrass into thin slices. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl large enough to fit the pulled oats or tofu - you're going to mix those in, too. Mix well! It's now ready for frying, but if you've got time, let it marinate for a while before you do that.