Persimmon and Pistachios


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Happy December!

 In Finland, Christmas parties are such a popular thing that some companies and communities organize "Christmas" parties still in January, knowing that people already have their calendars bursting with various get-togethers all through December. 


We had a Christmas-themed dinner with my sister & our S.O.'s last weekend, and during the beginning of December I'll be posting the recipes for everything we served!

Like I've mentioned before, my sister is one of the two beautiful bloggers at 2 for living - the blog is in Finnish, but there's plenty of nice pictures. Stay tuned for a more detailed post of this gorgeous table setting. (It was unreal. Honestly. It felt like I had just literally stepped into Instagram.) Thanks to her for all of the pictures in this post and the ones to follow!



This one I can hardly call a 'recipe', more like an 'idea', but I wanted to keep things simple for once. Let's say you're going to a Christmas party and promised to bring something, and want to make it seem like you put some effort into it. (Even if you actually don't.) Persimmons are at their best right now!

Persimmon & Pistachios

    •    ripe persimmons / kaki fruits*
    •    pistachios
    •    balsamic syrup

*we had a total of 3 persimmons for 4 people


Remove the skin of the fruit, and cut into bite-size slices. Place the slices on a serving dish, garnish with balsamic vinegar, and top with crushed pistachios (use a mortar or a knife).


Done! How easy was that?!



Stay tuned for more recipes from our dinner!


Surprisingly, I think I am Christmas person after all. I've never been a fan of the hugely material side of Christmas, and the idea of filling my home with plastic crap for a month feels completely unnecessary for me, but I love Christmas lights. I got these lights from my sister, and  being the DIY person I am, I had to update them a little bit. Recycled origami made of old magazines. Pretty, right?