Pancakes & sweet cinnamon+orange tahini dressing


I can not think of a better way to kick off this blog but with pancakes! Same goes for Sundays... I don't know about "breakfast of the champions" but these pancakes will keep away the hangry for a good while!

Plain maple syrup is obviously good company for your pancakes, but I dare you to take one step further and try this cinnamon and orange flavored tahini dressing! Don't worry, the maple syrup is there. You probably also want to enjoy your pancakes warm, so make the dressing first.

Sweet cinnamon+orange tahini dressing

    •    1/2dl white tahini
    •    1+1/2tbsp maple syrup
    •    2 tbsp orange juice (fresh, please)
    •    1/2tsp cinnamon powder
    •    1/2tsp freshly grated ginger



Mix all the ingredients in a cup or a bowl of your choosing. Using a fork (instead of, I don't know, a spoon) for the mixing helps! That's all. Your sweet, sweet dressing is done, just waiting for those pancakes. (The leftover dressing was boldly used on a salad later that day. Surprisingly good!)

And now, for the pancakes... These are not the fluffy type, but they are super delicious and very filling. I particularly like the sourness that comes from the yoghurt! The fava bean flour can easily be replaced with equal amount of quick oats, but I like it for the addition of protein.


(serves two)

    •    1dl wheat flour
    •    1dl quick oats
    •    1dl fava bean flour*
    •    1tsp baking powder
    •    1tbsp potato flour
    •    2dl apple or pear sauce
    •    1dl soy yoghurt**
    •    1/2tsp cardamom
    •    1/2tsp pure vanilla powder
    •    (coconut) oil for baking
    •    toppings of your choosing - fruit, nuts, berries, cocoa nibs...

*replace with 1dl of quick oats or other type of flour (use your imagination!)

**I generally use coconut flavored soy yoghurt (which contains sugar), but natural yoghurt of any kind should work nicely!


Mix all the dry ingredients (including the spices) in a large bowl. I happened to have whole green cardamoms, so I crushed them and ground the seeds in a mortar.

If you want to use a food processor or a blender, put in your flour mix, then the apple sauce and yoghurt. I prefer to do this with an immersion blender, so I added the rest of the ingredients into the same bowl. (You can of course mix it by hand, it's just not as easy.)

The dough becomes somewhat fluffy but it also gets very thick. Heat some oil (measure to your preference or depending on the pan you're using) on a frying pan, and reduce the heat when you have the first batch of pancakes on. Use two large spoons to pick up a lump of dough, place it on the pan and using the spoons, shape it into a somewhat even cake (mine are usually around 15mm thick).

Flip them over a little bit before they look like this. Whoops... I mean, nice and crispy.


After flipping, wait a couple of seconds, then use a spatula to press the pancake down a little bit.


Keep the pancakes waiting under a plate or a towel to keep them warm, while you bake the rest of the dough.

It's time to make your pancake pile!! I added some banana, frozen blueberries, brazil nut and sea buckthorn powder.

And then you bring on the dressing.

Enjoy your pancakes with good company. Maybe a cup of coffee. Take your time. It's pancake day!