Harissa potato salad


Hello! It's time for the second part of that brunch goodness, as promised. I love all kinds of potato salads in the summer, and they are especially good for festivities because making a larger portion doesn't usually take that much extra work.

If you're celebrating Finnish Midsummer this weekend, I recommend adding this spicy potato salad to your menu!

Harissa potato salad

(serves ~4)


    •    1kg potatoes
    •    1/2dl sun dried tomato cubes
    •    1/2 large or 1 small red onion
    •    1/2 green apple
    •    capers (to taste)

    •    1-2tbsp harissa paste*
    •    1tsp oil (from the sundried tomatoes)
    •    2tbsp red wine vinegar
    •    1tbsp maple syrup
    •    1 1/2tbsp cumin seeds
    •    salt, ground black pepper

*I've madly fallen in love with harissa spice paste, commonly used in Northwest African cuisine. If you like spicy food, don't hesitate to add 1tbsp more!


Cook the potatoes, but be careful not to let them get too mushy. If you wish to leave the skins (I did), wash them thoroughly (and peel off any nasty looking parts). While your potatoes are cooking, start preparing the marinade.

Use a large bowl to mix the harissa, oil, red wine vinegar, maple syrup and cumin seeds (grind in a mortar if you can). Add just a pinch of salt and black pepper to taste.

Cut the red onion into half moons and the sun dried tomatoes into cubes. Or what ever shape you like, just make them smaller. Cut them into tiny little stars if you've got time for that, I don't mind.

Add the onion and tomatoes into the marinade immediately, and stir to let the onion start softening.

When your potatoes are cooked, let them cool down a bit and cut them... yeah, smaller. You get the point. Add the potatoes into the bowl and roll them around to spread the marinade. Cut the apple and mix in.

I could only find large capers this time so I decided to use them more as a garnish, so I only added them right before serving. If you can find the small ones, you can well mix them in whether you serve the potato salad right away or the following day. Which ever kind you have, small or large, rinse them first.

The longer you let the flavors soak in, the better the potato salad. I made mine the night before the brunch, but if you're on a schedule, don't worry. Even a half an hour will do wonders!


I've had a pretty exhausting week (which is completely fine since it's only Wednesday haha), so I'm looking forward to Midsummer - laying low, chilling out & enjoying some good food. Hope you have a good one, too!