Teriyaki cabbage rolls


It's time for spring cabbage again! I had some trouble translating this, because the kind we get in Finland is not like the 'spring greens', but more resembles the regular white cabbage. I like spring cabbage because it's softer and therefor easier to handle, but this recipe is a very simple variation of traditional cabbage rolls so you can just as well use white cabbage.

Cabbage rolls are not particularly fast to make, but they are fun and more importantly a great low-budget meal.

Teriyaki cabbage rolls

(serves two to four*)

    •    1 spring cabbage (or white cabbage)
    •    1tsp salt

  The filling:
    •    230g black beans
    •    2dl rice (of any kind)
    •    ~ 2cm piece of ginger
    •    1-2 cloves of garlic
    •    2 spring onions
    •    2tsp ground coriander (whole seeds if you own a mortar!!)
    •    4tbsp (thick) teriyaki sauce
    •    2tsp soy sauce
    •    Sriracha (to taste - leave out if you don't like it hot)
    •    oil for frying

    •    2tbsp syrup
    •    2tbsp teriyaki sauce
    •    3tbsp sesame seeds


+ lime juice, cilantro, sriracha to serve

*to serve four, double the ingredients of the filling to serve on the side


Place the cabbage in a large pot and measure the water to almost cover the cabbage. I actually don't own a large enough pot so I try to roll the cabbage around every once in a while when boiling to cook it more evenly. I also didn't measure the water at first and ended up burning my fingers a little bit, so try to learn from my mistakes. Take out the cabbage and heat the water to boiling, then add salt. If you use regular white cabbage, cut out the hard stem. Come to think of it, this might be a good idea for spring cabbage as well - see the next image. Place the cabbage in the pot (carefully). Reduce the heat.

As the leaves start to soften, they should be quite easy to pull off. Use any helpful tools you can find for this task, but seriously watch out for those fingers!! Here's what I did:

Yes I cheated a little bit. You see, I didn't cut out the stem. I'll just say it again: learn from my mistakes. Okay, let's move on. Pull out the leaves until they start getting too small for rolling. Take out the remaining cabbage but save the water for the rice. Rinse the leaves in cold water and place on a kitchen towel to dry.

Don't worry about tiny little holes on the leaves, in my experience they don't cause any problems. Cook the rice in the remaining water (add more if needed) and start preparing the filling:


If you use canned black beans, rinse them. Crush and mince the garlic, peel and mince or grate the ginger, chop the onion. If you own a mortar, grind your coriander seeds.


Chop half of the remaining cabbage (chop it all to serve four) and save the other half for later (use it in a salad or something, just don't waste it).

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Heat some oil on a frying pan. I like to start with frying the black beans to get some texture on them. Add the garlic, ginger, and ground coriander, mix with the black beans and add the chopped cabbage straight after that. Let the cabbage soften a little bit more, then add the teriyaki sauce (and Sriracha if you want). Finally, add the onion and the cooked rice, mix and add the soy sauce, fry for just a couple of minutes more.

It's time to start rolling!

Put a couple of spoonfuls of the filling on the leaf. To make the roll, first turn over the ends, then the sides.


Place the rolls on a casserole dish, top with syrup and more teriyaki sauce.

Sprinkle the sesame seeds over your rolls and bake in 200°C for about 30 minutes.

Yes I had to add some Sriracha because more is more, but that's no news.

Squeeze on some lime and garnish with cilantro, if you want. I did.