Black bean ceviche & quick corn breads


Soup or salad? That was the question that reminded me of this beautiful dish. Ceviche istraditionally made with fish, but don't think any less of this vegan-friendly alternative! The soft avocado and the sweetness of the corn balance out the acidity of all the citrus juice. The ceviche is delicious as it is, but serve it with warm bread and you'll hit the spot.

The first time I made this ceviche I served it with tortilla chips made from scratch but I have to say, even though they came out amazing, it was just way too much work (even for me). The ceviche requires a lot of chopping, so if you're feeling lazy I've got a cheat code for you: buy a pack of wheat tortillas, cut one tortilla into four pieces and fry on a dry, hot pan until crisp. Sprinkle with some salt and serve with the ceviche right away!

Or try making these quick corn breads on the pan - surprisingly easy and a bit more to fill your stomach. Note: to be served right away. Not very impressive when they're cold.

so much color!!

so much color!!

Black bean ceviche

(serves 4-5)

    •    460g canned black beans
    •    ~600g tomatoes
    •    2 (large) avocados
    •    ~250g canned corn
    •    1-2 fresh chilies
    •    1 red onion
    •    1-2 cloves garlic
    •    juice of 6 limes
    •    juice of 1 lemon
    •    juice of 1,5 oranges
    •    2tsp ground coriander seeds
    •    1tbsp cumin seeds
    •    1tsp smoked paprika powder
    •    a bunch of cilantro
    •    a pinch of salt & some black pepper


Start by mincing the onion and garlic. Remove the seeds and cut the chilies. Put in a large bowl. Squeeze the juice of the limes, lemon and oranges - if you do this by hand and have sensitive skin, you might want to use plastic gloves or something. Rinse the brine off the corn and black beans, cut the tomatoes and avocados, add everything into the bowl along with all of the spices (grind the seeds if you can) and the chopped cilantro.


Mix well and keep in a fridge for at least 30 min. to let the flavors soak in.

If you decide to go with the quick corn breads, start making them not more than 20 minutes before serving - they are best straight off the pan!

Quick corn breads

    •    3dl cornmeal (Harina P.A.N. or Masa Harina*)
    •    1tsp salt
    •    2,5dl water
    •    oil for frying

*both types are fine, but masa harina has that distinctive "cornmeal taste"

I've done some research (thank you Google) about cornmeal because I was confused by all the different types. I won't make an essay on this subject because all the information is out there, read more if you're interested.

Short and sweet: masa harina is made with a process called nixtamalization, which gives the flour that distinctive taste, but more importantly increases the nutritional values of the maize. Harina PAN is also precooked cornmeal, but not made with nixtamalization and apparently it's ground a bit differently. Both useful for this recipe, anyway.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the water and mix by hand to form a dough. Cover a frying pan with oil (use a paper towel) and heat it up. With wet hands, take enough dough to roll a ball about the size of a golf ball, then press it down and smoothen the edges. Cook the breads on both sides until you can see small dark spots. (We sprinkled on just a little bit salt after flipping the breads!)