Spinach pesto spaghetti with cauliflower & chickpeas


Pesto spaghetti is the go-to quick meal for many - but who doesn't like simple & delicious, especially in the middle of the week? Sometimes, however, making it yourself can be more satisfying than opening that little jar. Don't worry though, you will have this spinach pesto ready faster than you can spell H-A-N-G-R... Anyway, as a bonus: it's is not only tasty, but also a bit more nutritious than regular pesto. Go brag about that to your friends.

Spinach pesto spaghetti with cauliflower & chickpeas

(serves 4)

    •    300g spaghetti
    •    spinach pesto*
    •    250g cauliflower
    •    230g canned chickpeas
    •    2tbsp lemon juice
    •    black pepper & a pinch of salt
    •    2tbsp honey / 1,5tbsp agave syrup
    •    oil for frying
    •    +fresh chili for serving

*scroll down for the recipe

I recommend making the pesto first, in order to mix it with the spaghetti right after it's cooked. I know that eating cold food divides opinions, but this dish is delicious even after it's cooled down a bit. If you want to be as efficient as possible, let the spaghetti cook while you make the pesto.

Chop the cauliflower into thin slices. Rinse the brine off the chickpeas. Heat a little bit of oil on a large frying pan. Add the chickpeas first, let them get a little bit of color, then add the honey or agave syrup. Add the cauliflower and lower the heat a little, mix until the cauliflower softens up (to your preference). Add some black pepper and salt, take the pan off the stove and finally add the lemon juice.

Mix with the pasta and serve warm or cold!


Spinach pesto

(for ~300g of spaghetti)

    •    80g baby spinach
    •    2dl basil leaves
    •    1dl olive oil
    •    2tbsp lemon juice
    •    1tbsp white wine vinegar
    •    2dl sunflower seeds
    •   1- 2 cloves of garlic
    •    2tbsp nutritional yeast
    •    0,5tsp salt
    •    1tsp black pepper


For making the pesto, you will once again need an immersion blender or a food processor - I prefer to make the pesto with an immersion blender because it leaves a little bit of texture (and less cleaning up to do).

First blend together all of the ingredients except for the sunflower seeds. You will end up with green liquid. Add the seeds and blend again until you have a paste-like consistency. Mix with your cooked spaghetti or enjoy with a salad or some bread!


ps. last week there was no post because I was enjoying life with some friends in the middle of nowhere.

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