Savory butternut squash pancakes & beetroot-horseradish spread


Autumn might just be my favorite season food-wise. I love all the wonderful veggies that are at their best, but it's also the time for fresh beginnings, new found energy & inspiration. Not to mention how the cool weather also inspires staying in, just saying. More time for cooking!

Speaking of fresh beginnings, one reason for the lack of posts has been my moving into a new flat! I love this place. Also new flat = new kitchen!! All the surfaces are white though, which does leave little room for the mess I make going unnoticed. But you know, I think of it more as an art form...


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Okay, let's get to business! The Finnish 'rieska' seems to officially translate to 'unleavened barley bread' but that sounded boring (right??), I used butternut squash instead of potatoes, and I didn't even use barley in the end. So I decided to call this creation savory pancakes. It just has a better ring to it. The beetroot spread works well on any kind of bread, and it gets a nice little kick from horseradish!

Savory butternut squash pancakes

(~ 8 pancakes)

        •    600g butternut squash
    •    2dl wheat flour
    •    2dl spelt flour + more for kneading
    •    1tsp olive oil
    •    1tsp salt
    •    1tbsp potato flour mixed with 2tbsp water (to replace 1 egg)

Cut the butternut squash in half and remove the seeds (but don't toss them away: toast them on a dry pan & add some salt. Perfect addition for a salad or a soup). Bake in the oven in 225°C for about 40 minutes, or until soft (use a fork to check). Note: I had a 1,2kg butternut squash so I only used half of it for the dough. Note two: you can start preparing the spread while your pumpkin is in the oven, scroll down for the recipe.

Let the butternut squash cool off a little, then use a spoon or a fork to scrape the meat into a bowl. Use a fork to form a mash. Add the potato flour + water mix and the oil, mix well. Add the flours and salt, and mix into a dough. The dough will be sticky at this point, so flour up your hands to divide the dough in 8 pieces, shape into balls and then flatten to make "pancakes". Put on an oven tray, stick some holes on them with a fork (because apparently that's what you're supposed to do), and bake for 15-18 minutes in 200°C.



Beetroot + horseradish spread

(3dl of spread)

    •    250g beetroots
    •    150g cashew nuts
    •    4x2cm piece horseradish, grated
    •    2tbsp apple vinegar
    •    2tbsp lemon juice
    •    salt, black pepper


Wash the beetroots thoroughly, preferably using a brush, but don't peel them. Cook in boiling water until soft (the time, obviously, depends on the size). When the beetroots are done, soak them in ice cold water and peel. You should be able to peel them by hand at this point, which I tried at first, but it was too much work and the mess was unbelievable, so I switched to a peeler pretty quickly...


Cut the beetroots and place in a blender (or in a bowl, if you're using an immersion blender like I did). Let them cool off for a bit more, you can grate the horseradish at this point. Blend the beetroots first, then add the rest of the ingredients and blend again. Add salt to your taste.


You're done! Look at those beautiful savory pancakes (best served warm, just to let you know):


For some reason, autumn is also the "soup season" for me. I've already had soup like... four times this week. You might get a taste of that in my next post. Until then!