Walnut Pesto Rosso


Listen, we all know it's hot in here. It's been hot now for longer than anyone should wish for in this northern country. But I'm trying to keep things light on this blog, after all we're here to feel better through cooking & enjoying delicious food, so let's leave that as something to think about and get to business.

For me the on going heat has resulted in more snacking and less actual meals. You know how you sometimes get an idea just as you're about to fall asleep? This walnut pesto came to me like that.  So glad I wrote it down! I was dreaming of some kind of a creamy risotto (which I will make!!! just... later in the fall when sweating starts to feel like an odd luxury again), but decided I don't really feel like standing in front of a hot stove for that long. So I went with store bought bread instead.

You can enjoy it like any pesto - with pasta I mean, or try making these pear toasts! Summer tip: put them on a grill. If you like to keep things simple, it also tastes soooo good with fresh pear slices, or just toss the bread & pear on the grill as they are. If you want to lift the flavours a bit and put in a little "extra" (to impress yourself maybe), follow the instructions a little further below.


Walnut Pesto Rosso

(~4dl of pesto)

    •    3dl (~150g) walnuts
    •    ~3dl sun-dried tomatoes*
    •    1dl vegetable oil (from the tomatoes)
    •    a handful of fresh thyme
    •    1-2 cloves of garlic
    •    2tbsp water
    •    salt & black pepper to taste
    •    optional: 3tbsp nutritional yeast (for that cheesy flavour)
    •    optional: fresh chili or chili oil, to taste

*I used ~2/3 of a 285g/140g jar of preserved sun-dried tomatoes.


Drain the tomatoes, peel the garlic, and measure all the ingredients in a blender or a food processor. Pulse until smooth (or leave it a bit chunky ♥). Don't lose your patience - I had to mix it many times between pulsing with my blender.

Worth it!!


serving suggestion:

for 2 persons

    •    bread to your liking
    •    1 pear
    •    0,5tbsp veggie oil
    •    1tbsp white wine or cider vinegar
    •    a pinch of sugar
    •    fresh thyme for garnish

Slice the pear. Mix the oil, vinegar and sugar in a soup bowl, add the pear slices and roll around. Toast or grill the bread and grill or fry your marinated pear slices! Smear a good layer of pesto on the bread slice, top with some pear and garnish with fresh thyme.

Great, now I'm hungry again.

Peace out!