Lentil-Carrot Spread with Lemon & Rosemary


I love baking bread on a Sunday morning.

'Sunday morning' meaning somewhere around mid-day... I would love to be that person who prepares the no-knead bread dough the night before, gets up before nine (without the alarm!) and casually bakes the bread in a cast iron pot (if my big sister is reading this: yes, I'm talking about you, and yes, your pot bread is the best ever). The reality is, I usually don't plan ahead that much. This time I had already started making the bread when I realised I had nothing to put on top, so I had to come up with something - and luckily that something came out well worth sharing!

This spread is made with red lentils and sunflower seeds, which makes it pretty cheap. It's actually quite healthy, too...  AND it's super simple to make, plus you can easily change the taste by changing the seasonings.

Lentil-Carrot Spread

    •    2dl red lentils
    •    2 medium size carrots
    •    1dl sunflower seeds
    •    1,5tbsp walnut oil*
    •    2tsp dried rosemary
    •    a squeeze of lemon juice
    •    salt & pepper

*olive oil works just as well

Peel and wash the carrots, cut into bite-size bits. Rinse the lentils. Cook the carrots and lentils, with a pinch of salt in the cooking water, for about 10 minutes - at least until the lentils are cooked.

Drain well; try to remove as much excess water as possible, and let cool off.

Add the sunflower seeds and oil, and mash with a hand blender until you’ve formed a paste. You can use a regular blender or a food processor for this as well.

Season with rosemary, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.




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