Creamy Peanut Butter Wok

This meal does not fall under the category of "New Year New Me". But it does offer some comfort if you're feeling overwhelmed by reality after spending the final weeks of last year "taking it easy", so to speak. Some people may feel that way. I'm just saying.

This wok is heavy like your eyelids on a Monday morning, so we make some lime noodles for balance!

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Red cabbage stew with oven roasted roots

Comfort food!! This dish is inexpensive, simple to make, filling, and you know... just comfy. This recipe also leaves a lot of room for variation, because it first came to be last winter when it was probably too cold (read: I was too lazy) to go grocery shopping. That's why it is a bit of 'this and that', but on the other hand I kind of like cooking that way: making the best of what I have.

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Spinach pesto spaghetti with cauliflower & chickpeas

Pesto spaghetti is the go-to quick meal for many - but who doesn't like simple & delicious, especially in the middle of the week? Sometimes, however, making it yourself can be more satisfying than opening that little jar. Don't worry though, you will have this spinach pesto ready faster than you can spell H-A-N-G-R... Anyway, as a bonus: it's is not only tasty, but also a bit more nutritious than regular pesto. Go brag about that to your friends.

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